Summer Management

 Pre summer management

1.Managemental Preparation –Taching of roofs with 2to 3” paddy straw or with sugar cane tops

2.Body weight management –As in winters birds might be overfed and causes for higher body weight, which will cause severe mortality in peak summer.

Summer Preparation

1.Managemental Preparation –Usage of foggers/Sprinklers but to ensure the power back up

2.Feed the birds in early morning and late evening

3.Feed should contains minimum amount of oil i.e10 to 15 kg as energy source. (As oil releases the energy slower than grains)

4.Add 10% of extra vitamins and trace minerals, as their requirement will be more in summer and feed intake will be lower

5.Addition of Soda bi carbonate @ 1.5 Kg/Mt of feed

6.Addition of 0.5 Kg Potassium Chloride

7.Addition of Vitamin C @ 100 gm/Mt of feed (Pure)

8.Addition of BetaineHcl@ 300 gm/Mt of feed


Summer Preparation:

1.Glucose Metabolism –Glucose levels gets increased in the blood and not get entry into the cell, reason is stress.

2.So the availability of Glucose will be divert only for survivability of birds and not for production.

3.Reason is lack of GTF and Insulin

New Solution in Poultry chelated CHROMIUM , which increases the glucose absorption inside the cell and there by minimize the production loss. Dosage –250 gms/MT of feed.