खोरेत रोगः एक परिचय

खोरेत रोगः एक परिचय (FMD: An Introduction) खोरेत खुरफट्टा पशुहरूमा विषाणुबाट लाग्ने संक्रामक रोग हो। नेपालमा यो रोग देखा परिरहने (Endemic) रोग हो। यसले दूध उत्पादनमा गिराबट ल्याउने, पशुको मृत्यु भई क्षति पुर्याउने गर्दछ। चाडपर्वहरूमा पशुको ओसारपसार तथा खुल्ला सिमानाका कारण भारतबाट नेपालमा भित्रिने पशुसँग यो रोग भित्रिने तथा फैलिने जोखिम रहेको छ। बर्षभरीनै रोग देखा पर्न सक्ने भएता पनि बर्षायामको वरिपरी बढी मात्रामा देखिन्छ। रोगको इत [...]

FMD (Foot and Mouth Disease)

Highly contagious virus disease of cloven-hoofed animals with serious production losses. Introduction It is a highly contagious virus disease of animals. It is one of the most serious livestock diseases. It affects cloven-hoofed animals (those with divided hoofs), including cattle, buffalo, camels, sheep, goats, deer and pigs. It can cause serious production losses the most significant impact of the disease occurs because of its effect [...]

Anthrax (Acute Bacterial disease)

Anthrax is an acute disease caused by infection with the spore-forming bacterium called Bacillus anthracis. Disease Details Introduction: Anthrax is also called as Woolsorters’ Disease and Splenic Fever. It is a serious bacterial, cutaneous, zoontic disease that affects the gastrointestinal and respiratory tracts of most mammals including humans, several species of birds, and herbivores.  Cause:& [...]


Anaplasmosis is a type of tick fever that is caused by invasion of red blood cells by the rickettsial blood parasite Disease Details Introduction: Anaplasmosis, also known as gall sickness, is a vector-borne, infectious blood disease of ruminants caused by rickesttsial parasites. It is also known as yellow-bag or yellow-fever. It occurs mainly in warm tropical and subtropical areas.  Bovine anaplasmosis is of economic significance [...]

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