Quick Review on Veterinary Medicine


  • Rinderpest = Cattle plague,       PPR    = Goat plague,          
  • Canine distemper = Canine Influnza,   Rabies   =    Hydrophobia,          
  • Glanders = Farcy,                Collibacillosis  = Calf Scour
  • Actinobacillosis = Wooden tongue,    Actinomycosis = Lumpy jaw
  • BQ =   Black leg,   Tetanus = Lock jaw,   ND  = Ranikhet disease
  • IBD = Gumboro, Trypanosomiasis = Surra disease
  • ICH = Hard Pad/Rubarth’s disease
  • Anthrax = Woolsorter’s disease/Splenic fever/Hide portal disease
  • HS = Pasteurellosis/Stockyard pneumonia/Shipping fever
  • Brucellosis = Bang’s disease/Malta fever/Undulant fever
  • Babesiosis = Tick fever/Red fever/Texas fever
  • Theileriosis = East coast fever/Red water/Rhodesion tick fever
  • Anaplasmosis = Gall sickness disease, Paratuberculosis = Jones disease
  • Leucosis = Thick leg disease, ALC = Big liver disease
  • Infectious keratocunjuntivitis = Pink eye
  • Avian influenza = Bird flu/Fowl plague


Tuberculosis:- Tuberculin test,                  Anthrax:- Ascoli test
Paratuberculosis:- Jonin test,                    Brucellosis:- Rose Bengal Plate test
Glanders:- Mallein test,                              Glocose;-  Benedict test
Bile:- Foam test,                                          Acetone:- Rothera’s test 
E. coli:- IMViC test,                                    Equine Infectious Anaemia:-Coggins  test
Liver function test:- TAKA-ARA test,     Streptococcus. agalactiae:- Hotis test


A (Store in Liver)= Retinol in animals/Carotene in plants, Xeropththalmia and Night blindness, Nutritional roup (Poultry)
D = Ergocalciferol (D2)/ Cholecalciferol (D3), Rickets in young,  Osteomalacia in adult
E = Tocopheral, White muscle disease  and stiff limb disease (Cattle), Crazy Chick disease (Poultry),Muscular Dystrophy (Poultry), Encephalomalacia (Poultry)
K = Phylloquinone (K1)/ Menoquinone (K2), Delayed blood clotting
C = Ascorbic acid, Delayed wound healing, Scurvy in man and guinea pig
B1 = Thiamine, Beri-beri (Man), Star gazing appearance (Poultry), Polyneuritis (Poultry)
B2 = Riboflavin, Curled toe paralysis (Poultry)
B3 = Niacin, Black tongue (Dog), Pellagra (3D disease in Man)
B4 = Choline, FLHS (Poultry)
B5 = Pantothenic acid, Goose stepping gait (Pig), Bird anti-dermatitis vitamin
B6 = Pyridoxine, Convulsion
B9 = Folic acid, Anemia, Cervical paralysis (Poultry)
B12 = Cyanacobalamin, Megaloblastic anemia
H = Biotin, Dermatitis, Perosis


Calcium = Rickets in young, Osteomalacia in adult
Phosphorus = Pica (Abnormal eating habit)
Magnesium = Grass tetany/Grass staggers/Hypomagneseamic tetany
Selenium (Se ∞Vit E) = White muscle disease (Cattle), Atrophy of pancreases (Poultry), Alkali disease/blind staggers in cattle (In case of excess)
Copper = Salt disease (in Cattle), Scouring disease/Peat scour (in Cattle), Lechsucht (in Cattle and sheep), Enzootic ataxia (in Lamb), Demyelination of CNS called: sway back/Swing back/Enzootic neonatal ataxia
Iron = Microcytic and hypochromic Anemia (Pig and Chicken), Microcytic and normochromic Anemia (calves)
Cobalt = Anemia
Fluorine = Dental Caries, Fluorosis (In case of excess >20mg/kg DM)
Iodine = Goitre, Cretinism (Dwarfism in man), Myxedia (Mental disorder), Birth of hairless pigs
Cobalt = Enzootic marasmus also called: Pining (A chronic debilitating disease of Goat and Sheep)/Coast disease/ Bush disease/ Nakuruitis/ Wasting disease, It is called Anti-pernicious factor, Component of Vitamin B12
Molybdenum = Teartness/Peat scours (In case of excess)
Manganese = Cripping disease called as Perosis or slipped tendon, Parrot beak disease (Poultry)
Zinc = Paraketatosis (Skin disease), Scaly limb disease (Poultry)
Sodiun = Corneal keratinization, Canabalism (Poultry)


A)    Viral diseases
  • AI/Bird flu: Orthomyxo virus,                               ALC: Onco virus
  • Blue tongue: Orbi virus,                                          CD: Morbilli virus
  • Epimeral fever: Rhabdo virus,                               FMD: Aphtho virus (Picorna)
  • Fowl pox: Pox virus,                                                 IBD/Gumboro: Avian Birna virus
  • IB/Infectious bronchitis: Corona virus,              ICH: Adeno virus
  • JE: Flavi virus,                                                          Leetchy (HHS): Adeno virus
  • Louping ill: Flavi virus,                                           Maedi: Lenti virus
  • MD/Marak’s disease: Herpes virus (DNA),        ND/Ranikhet: Paramyxo virus
  • PPR: Paramyxo virus (Morbilli virus),                RP:  Paramyxo virus (Morbilli virus)
  • Rabies: Rhabdo virus (Lyssa virus),                     Swine fever: Pesti virus

A)    Rickettssial diseases

  • Anaplasmosis: Anaplasma marginale
  • Heart water disease: Cowdria ruminantium
  • Q fever: Coxiella burnetti

B)    Protozoan diseases

  • Babesiosis: Babesia bovis, B. bigemina
  • Dourine: Trypanosoma equiperdum
  • Leshmaniasis: Leshmania donovani, L. tropica
  • Toxoplasmosis: Toxoplasma gondi
  • Theileriosis: Theileria parva
  • Trichomoniasis: Trichomonas foetus
  • Trypanosomiasis: Trypanosoma spp.

C)    Bacterial diseases

  • Actinomycosis = Actinomyces bovis,   Actonobaccillos = Actinobacillus lignieresi
  • Anthrax = Brucella anthracis, BQ = Cl. chauvoei,
  • Cl. septicum, Braxy = Cl. septicum,  Brucellosis = Brucella spp
  • Collibacillosis = Escherichia coli,       CRD = Mycoplasma gallisepticum
  • Foot rot = Fusiformis necrophorus,   Fowl typhoid = Salmonella gallinarum
  • Fowl cholera = Pasteurella multocida, Glanders = Actinobacillus mallei
  • Glassers diseases = Haemophilus parasuis, HS = Pasteurella multocida
  • Johne’s disease = M. paratubercullosis, Pullorum = Salmonella pullorum
  • Strangles = Spectococcus equi, Swine erysipelas = Erysipelothrix rhusiopathiae
  • Tetanus = Cl. tetani, Tuberculosis = M. bovis, M. tuberculli
  1. Aspergillosis (BP) = Aspergillus spp., Candidiasis = Candida spp., Scrapie
  2. Sporotrichosis = Sporothrix  schenckii, Aflatoxicosis = Aspergillus spp
  3. Nocardiasis = Nocardia spp, Mycoplasmosis = Aspergillus flavus
  • Intestinal Coccidiosis = Eimeria necatrix
  • Caecal Coccidiosis = Eimeria tenella
  1. CBPP = Mycoplasma mycoides myciodes
  2. CCPP  = Mycoplasma mycoides caprae


  • Actinobacillosis: Inflammatiom  of tongue and soft tissue around neck, salivation
  • Actinomycosis: Painless bony swelling on lower edge of mandible and maxilla
  • Anthrax: Dark colored unclotted discharge from natural orifices
  • Babesiosis: Fever, Anemia, Coffee colored urine due to Haemoglobinuria
  • BQ: Hot and painful swelling of the muscle of thigh with cracking sound
  • Brucellosis: Abortion in female and Orchitis in male
  • Coccidiosis: Bloody or Chocolate colored faeces
  • CRD: Hacking Cough, Sneezing and Tracheal rattles
  • FMD: Vesicular eruptions in epithelium of buccal cavity, tongue, muzzle
  • Gumboro: Vent peaking and White diarrhoea
  • HS: Swelling of head, neck and brisket. Pneumonia and Gastroenteritis
  • Paratuberculosis: Emaciation, Normal appetite and Diarrhoea
  • PPR: Necrotic lesions in buccal cavity, Ocular nasal discharge, diarrhea
  • Rabies: Abnormal behavior, Nervous disturbances, Ascending paralysis
  • Ranikhet: Greenish diarrhea, respiration and nervous sign along with high mortality
  • RP: Erosion & necrosis of mucous membrane of oral cavity, Diarrhoea
  • Scrape: Intense itching, incoordination in gait
  • Swine erysipelas: Appearance of Diamond shaped skin lesion
  • Swine fever: Erythematous patches in non hairy parts of skin
  • Tetanus: Stiff gait, Locked jaw, Spasmodic contraction of muscle
  • Tuberculosis: Chronic cough, fluctuating temperature, irregular appetite, emaciation


  • Anthrax: “Absence of Rigor mortis”, spleenomegaly and unclotted discharge
  • Coccidiosis: “Bloody or chocolate colored faeces” in ceca and intestine
  • CRD: Opaque in air sac
  • FMD: “Triggers Heart” Lesion
  • Gumboro: “Bursa of fabricius enlarge” sawollen; haemorrhage in breast & thigh
  • ICH: “Paint brush hemorrhage” of gastric mucosa
  • MD: “Sciatic nerve enlarge”, neoplastic growth in liver, spleen, lung and kidney
  • Rabies: “Negri bodies” in brain
  • Ranikhet: “Pinpoint haemoeehage” in tip of the proventriculus
  • RP/PPR: “Zebra Marking” in large intestine
  • Swine fever: “Turkey Egg Kidney”, “Bottom ulcer” lesion in cecum and colon
  • Tuberculosis: “Tubercles” found in lungs, liver, kidney etc.

Some Tips on Medicine

  • Ringworm is gray, crusty patches on skin, usually on the head and shoulder region
  • Usually dewclawsremoved to prevent injury to the teat
  • Warm frozen colostrums slowly so you don’t destroy the natural antibodies
  • When foot rot occurs, only one foot is usually affected
  • The treatment of sub-clinical mastitis is the best time to treat during the dry period
  • Extra teats are called supernumerary teats
  • We shouldn’t a calf be vaccinated before 2 months of age because the antibodies that it has received through the colostrum interfere with the vaccine
  • Vitamin E helps to prevent white muscle disease
  • In summer season the pink eye most often occur
  • Abscess also called as a puss pocket
  • What disease causes short, irregular heat cycles and abortion at 4 to 6 months? It is spread by vibriosisinfected bull
  • An excess of calcium fed during the dry period can result in what metabolic disorder of milk fever
  • Mastitis causes the largest annual loss to Nepalese producers