Call for Open Article Writing Competition!!

Call for Open Article Writing Competition!!

Vet Nepal, a global vet service portal from Nepal cordially invites all enthusiastic Veterinarians, Veterinary Students and related stakeholder for submission of research article, review article, case study and short communication related to important poultry diseases. All submitted articles will be peered reviewed by researcher/experts in the field of poultry health.  Top three articles will be featured in leading article display section of and awarded with certificate and cash prize.

Guidelines for article submission

  • The article should be submitted in a Microsoft word format (doc/docx).
  • The article should be an original piece of work.
  • All the source materials should be fully acknowledged and referenced.
  • Referencing and citation should be done in APA format.
  • Vet Nepal deserve right to publish any of the submitted articles in Vet Nepal website at any time with permission of author.
  • Articles which are already published in other Journals, magazines and websites won’t be considered for competition.
  • Article should be written either in English or Nepali language.
  • We encouraged all writer to write articles related to following disease of poultry
  1. Chicken Infectious Anemia
  2. Low pathogenic avian influenza
  3. Infectious bronchitis
  4. Marek’s disease and ALC
  5. Malabsorptive syndrome
  6. Subclinical IBD
  7. Infectious Laryngotracheitits
  8. Collibacilosis
  9. Infectious coryza
  10. Necrotic enteritis
  11. Salmonelosis
  12. Mycoplasmosis
  13. Fatty liver hemorrhagic syndrome
  14. Sudden death syndrome

The best articles will be rewarded as follows:

►1st prize – Featured in leading space of website + Certificate + NRs. 7,000 cash

►2nd prize – Featured in leading space of website + Certificate + NRs. 5,000 cash

►3rd prize – Featured in leading space of website + Certificate + NRs. 2,000 cash

However, other manuscripts will also be published in the web portal depending upon their quality of information and contents.

Submission deadline: 30th June, 2021

Email for submission:,


ContactDr. Prakash Adhikari (9845925903)                                  


Dr. Bibek Bandhu Regmi

Director MarComm

Vet Nepal


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